MUSIC: Extropian Music Radio Station

From: Aaron Davidson (
Date: Tue May 30 2000 - 01:34:22 MDT

Point your browsers at:

To sample the musical endeavors of fellow extropians.
I've included music by ExI list members that have their files
available on If I've left out anyone, please let me know.
I've tried to include the musical selections which identify the most
with extropic themes, although this is not entirely doable with the
small selection to date.

Included so far are artists:

        E. Shaun Russel
        Artichikin (Aaron Davidson)
        Digital Cutup Lounge (John von Seggern)
        The Land Canaan (Emlyn & Jodie O'Regan)
        Max M Corporation (Max M)

The music can be streamed live to your favorite MP3 player (if you
have bandwidth), or downloaded to disk like normal.

Suggestions are welcome.

| Aaron Davidson  <> |

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