Re: no apology/Chat, palace and jazz

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 23:48:19 MDT

I wish to recant what I said about the Palace. I dont know for
sure if my difficulties were a direct result of the palace software.
Mighta been any one of several other packages that I downloaded
at about the same time. I will stick with the Palace/ICQ incompatibility,
that I have confirmed that repeatedly. Do try Gina's Nanoroom. spike

> > The nanotech crowd has a room in the Palace, but I cant recommend
> > it. The Palace software does evil things to one's operating system.
> > And it fights with icq.
> Gina Miller wrote:
> Yes, I have my own 'NANOROOM' at the 'Genetically Enhanced Palace' on the
> palace server, and it is always open for visitors. (Spike is as his usually
> insightful self, correct to mention that one must bear in mind that icq and
> palace running simultaneously can cause one to crash- although this is not
> always the case- I have had no problems, but I have heard from others of
> this particular situation) If you are a Foresight Senior Associate, you can
> also find their room in the palace.

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