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Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 13:05:05 MDT

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> > I wonder what happens to proteins which get built with errors? They
> > self-assemble and will just float around, useless. There must be some
> > other machinery which takes them apart, but it would seem hard to take
> > apart an arbitrarily error-loaded protein.
> Yes, there is machinery: chaperones recognize these defective proteins,
> and ubiquinate them, which causes them to get disassembled in proteosomes.
> I would guess there are other mechanisms too.

    What happens in the case of Pryons, like the type that *cause* C.J.D and
    Are these ignored because they far too different from the defective
protiens that the Chaperones usually enconter ?. Does a Pryon differ
sygnificantly from a protien ? or are they just a biological aboration with
the ability to act as catalysts and mutate other protiens ?. I know its
probably a stupid question but my knowledge of the subject is very limited,
but its of great interest to me.



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