Re: The OJ Show (Was: Re: Spiritual is not Mystic)

Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 10:56:28 MDT

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> Not only that, she spent here nights at a bar instead of preparing for
> court.

Why James, did you pick her up one night ; ) ? I want to hear the whole
story if you did... Enquiring minds want to know

> She tried to bully the Jury and Judge just like she used to get away with
> when railroading LA gang-bangers!

The only useful thing that came out of that trial was the effect it had on us
here in LA.

Up until that trial most white suburban sheltered people figured the police
and prosecution were at least SOMEWHAT on track as far as doing their job.
They had no idea what was really going on, even after the Rodney King trials,
which could still be argued that the police had a right to jump him, he was
indeed, a very f**ked up individual, and scary. If you were from a sheltered
suburb and white you could easily think: that could never happen to me", he
deserved it.

OJ's trial clearly showed how inept, corrupt and flat out BAD our police
department was. And it resulted in letting a murderer walk the streets
because NO ONE, black or white, could say that the police were NOT capable of
tampering evidence, and framing a man. Not to any certainty.
Sure he had money so he got off... a poorer man would not, but this time the
tide turned against the prosecutors. It was an eye-opener for the whole city.

Now, in light of the recent developments w/the LAPD and the framing
indictments it looks as if no one really learned anything -- at least not
within our gang task force. (If anywhere in the department).

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