Re: guns vs. hot sex - a politeness issue?

Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 18:05:35 MDT

First of all:

I find it amazing that extropians stille exhibit any interest in this topic
after the moratorium and losing several people off the list.
I find it even more bizzare that certain individuals have ANYTHING left to
say after all the hot air we have had to endure... but here it is, back in
full swing!

Or should I say when it comes to this topic -- some people have low impulse

I understand as well as the next guy/gal that censoring by topics sucks, that
really sucks... it would have to be dropped out of politeness.

OK, so we don't care about politeness. We don't care about offending anyone...

I've heard the Libertarian drone... "Hell, I don't give a damn about what
anyone says about me, I am not a lemming, I am not here to please anyone but
Damn it, we are INDIVIDUALS".
When some teenie boppers asked us to not make any sex references -
... everyone just said OH YESSIREE, LET'S CENSOR OURSELVES, we wouldn't want
to offend anyone's grandparents!!


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