Re: guns vs. hot sex - a politeness issue?

From: zeb haradon (
Date: Sat May 27 2000 - 19:38:57 MDT

I have seen references to a reluctance to discuss gun control because of
something happening on the list a while ago, but I don't know exactly what
happened or what the status of gun control discussion is. Someone want to
address this?
I have found that most keyboards have a key which says "delete", or
sometimes just "del". On my keyboard it is to the right of the "enter" key,
in a group which contains such keys as "end" and "home". I am using a QWERTY
keyboard. People using other types of keyboards may need to consult their
manual. Pressing this button will remove the offending message before having
to read it. It usually takes me about 1 second to carry out this action.
Other e-mail programs may have different means of removing messages before
having to read them. Consult your help file. Although I find it fairly easy
to guess a message's gun content by its topic, some may find it more
difficult. Maybe putting a "GUNS:" meta tag before any post having to do
with gun control could help.
A less sarcastic suggestion on the "topic" issue: I remember reading that
some people are a little embarrassed when checking e-mail at work or with
parents around, which has a sexually explicit topic. I think this is a
legitimate complaint, and one which is relevant to me since I started
working in an office which is 90% Mormon. Rather then ask anyone to tone
down their discussion for my sake, I got a seperate e-mail account which I
have the mail from this list go to, and I only check it at home or when
nobody else is around.

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