Re: The Church of Mez?

Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 10:32:19 MDT

Tip 'o the VR helmet to Mr. Russell for the pointer to the Church of Mez
site. It demonstrates one of the most interesting and potentially powerful
meme vectors for transhumanism that I've seen of late. Note the good
production values, humor, and very high female/male ratio. References to
pyrotechnic parties and the Seattle ruckus suggest that the Mezzers relate
more to Dionysius than to Apollo. That could still qualify it as a type of
transhumanism, which offers a Jupiter-sized tent, but query whether hard-core
Extropians would buy the lot of it. Extropians have a long history of
revelry, but they have yet to start riots.

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> I was recently forwarded a link to a transhumanist\Utopian group called the
> Church of Mez ( While I am quite skeptical of
> their alleged beliefs, I am interested to hear whether or not anyone has
> had some associations with them. I saw Ziana Astralos' name on their
> member list, but no other familiar names.
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