RE: lUv bug Advisorys

From: Jonathan Reeves (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 01:54:55 MDT

Get the patch here:

Robert Coyote wrote:

I don't know if anyone appreciates these type of updates on this disscusion
forum but here ya go.

All the stuff they did with the Love Bug, they can now do when you visit a
web page. With new stuff in Office 2000, scripting on a webpage (an html
file) can open an office file for you and thus do just about any command the

desftop user can preform. The denizens at l0pht have set up a demonstration.

The below link takes you to the warning page that has a link to try see it

Of course, none of this works if you have a computer that doesn't have VB
scripting, a C drive, or a registry.

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