Re: lUv bug Advisorys

From: KPJ (
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 02:05:39 MDT

It appears as if "\[ Robert-Coyote \]" <> wrote:
|All the stuff they did with the Love Bug, they can now do when you visit a
|web page. With new stuff in Office 2000, scripting on a webpage (an html
|file) can open an office file for you and thus do just about any command the
|desftop user can preform. The denizens at l0pht have set up a demonstration.
|The below link takes you to the warning page that has a link to try see it
|Of course, none of this works if you have a computer that doesn't have VB
|scripting, a C drive, or a registry.

No kidding?

You forgot to mention that if you let your door wide open on your house,
you might get unwanted guests in your house.

Can we not simply sum up the facts once and for all for the FAQs:

Microsoft Corporation has decided that giving the Microsoft Windows systems
good security would cost too much to implement, and so the users of those
systems lose big time. Since appropriate security is available with other
systems, those who decide to use Microsoft Windows should either replace it
with something secure, or stop whining about it.

If the users really cared, they could join up with torches and pitchforks
outside chairman Gates' residence, and demand security. Since they don't,
they really don't care, and therefore they have themselves to blame.

BTW, I happened to sit on a public transport some time ago and overheard
the discussion between two humans. They discussed games, more games, and
even more games. They discussed using online games, and then one of them
told the other that the XYZ games site sucked, since you had to download
and install security software on your machine. "I didn't since there are
so much junk on it already." Then they complaind about getting hacked..

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