Re: transparancy / traffic cameras

From: Spike Jones (
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 19:20:15 MDT

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> > Wait a minute MB, this is *exactly* what we were talking about: an
> > example of a camera being set up and eventually resulting in a relaxation
> of a
> > law that suddenly became much easier to prosecute....Transparency may end
> up being the libertarian's best friend. spike
> Michael S. Lorrey wrote: Thing was Spike, they didn't remove the red
> light, they removed the camera. Its still an ambush light....

Thats only part of it Mike. The article has the cops admitting that the
intersection was confusing, so they are looking at ways to redesign
it, such as speed bumps or something else. The confusing intersection
was there all along. The cops knew that all along. Only when they
set up a camera to make money was a stupid law identified and will
now be removed.

This is all I am saying with transparency in general. We get rid of
all the stupid laws that are currently not enforced. We end up with
a lot fewer laws, and the ones we keep are ones practically all of
us will agree really should be there. At least, I *hope* thats the
way it will work. {8-| spike

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