Subject: Re: Suicide is Pointless

From: john grigg (
Date: Sat May 20 2000 - 18:34:06 MDT

From: Dan Adams <>
- --- Anton Sherwood <> wrote:
>(Title discarded by Loudon Wainwright, of course)
>Chimera wrote--
> > >Fortunately, most of us can rely on good old
>cowardice to keep
> > >us from suicide. Apparently Sasha was no
>Amara wrote --
> > Squashing this idea once and for all:
> > Committing suicide is _not_ a brave act. Clear?

Dan Adams wrote:
>How ridiculous...suicide is a supremely brave act!

Under the RIGHT CIRCUMSTANCES it can be. Perhaps, where someone is escaping
from those who would use and abuse them, with no chance of ever escaping
from it. When the jews at Masada killed themselves to avoid Roman slavery,
true bravery comes to mind. A man who knows absolutely vital secrets and
kills himself before falling into enemy hands that will certainly torture
him to the breaking point, that is bravery.

But for someone whose brain has undergone some sort of organic malfunction
to warp their thinking to the point that they feel they must kill
themselves, that is not bravery, it is quite simply, very, very tragic.

When I read the news it floored me. I only wish people in a suicidal
depression could simply "snap out of it." Poor Sasha.


John Grigg

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