Gattaca on TV this weekend

Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 20:39:41 MDT

Gattaca is a classy sci-fi movie about a future world where your genetic
endowment essentially determines the opportunities open to you in life.
It follows the character of Vincent. Conceived in the back seat of a
car and without the genetic tailoring that is necessary for success,
his dreams of going into space seem impossible. "The only way you'll
see the inside of a space ship is if you're cleaning its toilet," his
father tells him cruelly but accurately.

It is only by borrowing another man's identity and genetic heritage,
painstakingly faking the routine genetic testing which is used for
even minor transactions, that Vincent is able to work for the Gattaca
Corporation as a planner with the hope of eventually going on a space
mission himself. He must live with the constant fear that his deception
will be discovered, and things get much worse when his boss is murdered...

Gattaca will be on TV this Saturday the 20th on the Sci-Fi channel.
Here in California it is at 6 PM. It's worth watching if you haven't
seen it.


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