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Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 08:28:29 MDT

"E. Shaun Russell" <> writes:

> Alejandro wrote:
> >i don't really understand how intelligent extropians can like this piece of
> >corny hollywood trash. really quite surprising. (this is just to advice
> >people not to waste their saturday nights on this, or, if you are set on it,
> >watch it with extremely low expectations so as not to be too dissapointed).
> Actually, like Hal, I found _Gattaca_ to be a very well-written, well-acted
> and well-directed movie. Though the basic premise of the movie focuses on
> an individual who has not been conceived through genetic engineering, the
> movie never really speaks against the merely showcases one
> situation in which GE made it more difficult for one man's individual
> achievement.
> Even if you don't watch the movie for its technological lean, it is also
> quite objectivist\libertarian in its promotion of individual human
> accomplishment.

I have not seen it (yes, I admit it!) but my impression is that a lot
of people read in an anti-GE sentiment into the movie, while the real
theme (beside the individualist theme) is just how wrong genetic
determinism and determinist thinking is.

However, I know a symbolic staircase representing the DNA helix turns
the wrong way - see (for us hopeless
biology anal-retentives :-)

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