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Dr. Dobbs-
-snip-Dozens of studies during the last 20 years have shown that good
working practices improve programmer productivity more than new languages,
WYSIWYG interfaces, CASE tools, and other silver bullets (see, for instance,
Steve McConnell's Rapid Development, Microsoft Press, 1996, ISBN
1556159005). Despite this, most programmers still start coding without a
design, then go on to short-change testing and set wildly unrealistic
delivery schedules.
-snip-Open Source, Open Science
The lack of software-engineering skills among scientists and engineers has
become a critical bottleneck in many fields. Computer simulations are
increasingly used to study problems that are too big, too small, too fast,
too slow, too expensive, or too dangerous to study in the laboratory. Many
scientists and engineers also now realize that publication and peer review
of software need to be as integral a part of computational science as they
are of experimental science (see "Catalyzing Open Source Development in
Science," by J. Daniel Gezelter, Open Source/Open Science '99, http://
www.openscience .org/talks/bnl/index.html).

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