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Date: Sun May 14 2000 - 06:56:51 MDT

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<< I had the chance to talk a bit with Hugo at one of Forrest Bishop's parties
 a few years back. Even then he was shooting for a cybernetic cat by 2001,
 so it seems he is right on track.
 To answer the question: if Hugo de Garis truly feared for the extermination
 of the human race, do you really think that he would be plotting the
 creation of superior AI? I doubt it. The problem with the writers of some
 of these articles is that they are too myopic: they cannot see that
 scientific progress occurs in a number of areas at once. On its own,
 superior AI could mean the extermination of the human race; however, in
 truth, there are many advances being made in nanotech, genetic engineering,
 space travel and a plethora of other "perpetual human longevity" pursuits.
 The question will be whether or not we can keep up to AI; I, for one, don't
 think so.
 If Hugo and others succeed in creating superior AI, some humans will
 probably try to co-exist, but it would be most convenient for the majority
 of the human race to eventually leave the planet. My target date for this
 is for about 2070, though that will probably need to be modified if Hugo
 actually does succeed at Robokitty.
 As an aside, I personally think superior AI is the key to solving most
 other extropic problems such as space travel etc. >>
Your analysis of the article and the true potentiality of Strong AI, as well
as De Garis's intention's seems more 'real-world' to me. Hans Moravec
expects that A.i. is the ones to leave the planet, primarily, and not H.
Sapiens; due possibly to economic/darwinian reasons. However, you may be
right. Developing a marauding, antagonistic, A.I. though is somewhat
questionable, especially in about 70 years. Double that suggested time span
(old stick in the mud, me) and I feel that''s a more convincing target for
joy or Big Trouble. Survival and thriving in the solar system for the human
species, would be very cool, if this is really doable. Kind of a decades old
childhood dream for me. But how fast space tech can be developed for us
monkeys, has proved to be a grindingly, slow, process.

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