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I acknowledge my usual lack of knowledge on the topic. My questions may be
without merit, but here they are, for the fun of it:

As a fundy from birth through 39, totally immersed from birth through 22, I
WANTED to believe what I chose to believe about God's goodness and human
depravity. My faith began to fracture as my appreciation of goodness in
people grew, and I no longer WANTED to believe that all people are born
evil. The pendulum is still headed in the human optimist direction. I hope
it never reverses. That said:

a. If de Garis' fears are fulfilled, will we have created our own benevolent
god, or our own satanic slave master, or annihilator? Do we have a choice?
If so, does it come with a time limit? If we fail to exercise a choice,
what is the default? I'd kinda like to know.

b. As we raise our children, it isn't long before they hold more cards than
we do. We teach them to be teachable. We earn their love, by loving them.
As we age, and our options become fewer, in most societies, our children
provide for us. Can we define why this happens, and build some reason for
loyalty into the damn things?

c. Somehow, I had the idea from this mailing list that we plan to blend
ourselves into the future form of intelligent life, not get blotted out by
it. Am I off base here? Wouldn't be the first time.

Reading de Garis' article makes me wonder what will be important in 20
years. What will give an individual or group, the most/best options? Will
it be money, power, control of information? Whatever it will be, can I
start investing in it now?


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Terry W. Colvin writes:
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> subtopic: "extermination of the human race"
> Professor Hugo de Garis, physicist, lately of Melbourne and now of Kyoto
> in Japan, fears that his experiments may ultimately lead to the

Rather, StarLab, Belgium.

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