Re: Can I kill the original?

From: John Clark (
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 23:29:53 MDT

> Harvey Newstrom <> Wrote:
>What is death?

>> Having a last thought.

> I'm afraid I detect circular logic here.

Yes, but you almost make that sound like a bad thing. What I said was
a definition and it's a tautology, just like all definitions, all true equations too.

>You believe that the copy and the original are the same person.

Also true and apparently you do too because you say in you post " I see no difference
no reason why the copy or the original should act or be treated differently." If something
is acting the same as me and should be treated the same as me then it must be
thinking the same thoughts as me.

>Therefore, you believe that the original can think the copy's thoughts because they
>are the same person.

That's close except that neither I or the original have thoughts, I am thoughts.
It does not matter who or what is thinking me, thinking my thoughts.

>This is a self-referencing arguments that only works if you already
>believe as you do.

Is that unusual? I have never in my life heard an argument about anything that is
persuasive if you don't think that one of the axioms it is based on is reasonable.
Do you really believe that "YOU" is just a few hundred pounds of protoplasm and
not something a little more abstract?

           John K Clark

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