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Date: Mon May 01 2000 - 10:16:46 MDT

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>About smart pistols. Improvements are now on the way. A small
>firm (italian) is building a new and safer pistol. This pistol is
>built in such a manner that the trigger recognizes owners hand, as
>usually. But this pistol can not fire even if you attempt to fire
>the bulletby force (i.e. by-passing the trigger). Actually the
>chain trigger > trigger bar > sear > hammer > firing pln > bullet
>is replaced by the chain trigger (electronic sensor)> battery >
>condenser > spark acting directly on the bullet.

There are already a number of so-called "Smart Pistols" on the

I have a way to settle this. Lets replace all police guns with so
called "smart guns". The first few who are killed by malfunctions
should put an end to this nonsense.


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