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Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 02:21:24 MDT

"Steve" <> writes:

> The WTA magazine caters for scientists and the serious minded .... but is
> too much like an academic publication for my tastes, and for many who might
> otherwise be drawn towards the post/trans/x-human community.

This is exactly the point. The journal of transhumanism was set up to
be as scholarly as possible, with peer review, demands for correct
citations and all the other academic trappings. The goal was to work
on academically respectable transhumanism, not to be a general
transhumanist magazine (there are after all others better suited for

Although compared to most of the scientific journals out there it is a
laughing, sparkling festival of jokes. :-)

As for the science bias in JoT and transhumanism in general, I think
it is mostly due to the lack of good treatment of "soft"
subjects. There is no doubt that a lot of psychology and other forms
of metaprogramming are *necessary* for us to self-transform, but
honestly the field is a hopeless mess of theories, useful tricks,
hype, uncertain and untestable methods and of course downright
erroneous claims. Fishing up the good stuff is hard.

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