Re: Extropia

From: KPJ (
Date: Thu Apr 27 2000 - 03:11:17 MDT


It appears as if Steve <> wrote:

|The WTA magazine caters for scientists and the serious minded .... but is
|too much like an academic publication for my tastes, and for many who might
|otherwise be drawn towards the post/trans/x-human community.

Call me a killjoy (although _not_ a Bill Joy !-) if you want, but I find
the listed web locations

somewhat lacking to say the least...

In fact, they appear to me as a yell for Anchluss of all transhumanism and
extropianism to a kind of occultism.

My bogometer gives a bright red alarm after reading the pages:
Qabbala, occultism, Enochial chess, third eye (aka ``Phantom Eye Hypothesis''
and ``Median Vision Theory''), dreams, etc. Heretical philosophy, indeed..

I hereby label those web pages as ``new age fluff''. >WHAM!<

Caveat lector.

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