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<< Heres how I scored
 Chronological age: 35.3
 "Real" age: 23.6
 difference: -11.7 yrs
Al, I have to agree with you on your decision to wait. If we have an average
life span of 75 years then you have something close to forty years to go. At
the rate we are progressing you will see practical immortality long before
your time is up. I am sixty five and even getting that feeling about the
majority of people my age.

In the fifties all Marine and Naval aviators were trained in Pensacola, Fla.
A very high percentage of those aviators went through the program as Naval
Aviation Cadets or NavCads. I was one of those. All of our DIs and almost
all of our Battalion Officers were Marines. The classroom and gym
instructors were a mix of civilians, Marines, Navy, Officers and Enlisted
according to some system that I never had a clue about. So while I was a
four year sailor I had sixteen weeks under a Marine DI with mostly Marine
Battalion Officers. The B_____s were good. (I smile when I say that,
Pardner) :))

I also held every level of cadet rank from cadet to company cadet commander.

Ron Harrison

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