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Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 18:54:07 MDT

--- Zero Powers <> wrote:
> I often wonder, those mornings when I and a host of others are
> sweating like
> crazy on various self-inflicted torture devices as treadmills,
> stationary
> bikes, etc., how difficult it would be to translate all this wasted
> energy
> into some sort of usable power. And why no one has thought to do
> it. Every
> morning in my gym there are about 100 people pedaling, walking, and
> pumping
> all those machines. Does anyone here no whether it would be
> difficult to
> translate any of that motion into usable power?
If you hooked up generators to the gym machines they would provide
the mechanical resistance now provided by weights, friction devices
or whatever, AND make useful electricity.

See also Jonathan Sladek's "The Reproductive System" (especially the
wonderful, surrealistic Las Vegas section) where a rampant
AI/self-reproducing system has taken over Vegas and uses the gamblers
themselves (thoughtfully provided with drinks and sandwiches)
to generate electricity via generators in poker machines!

A hilarious book worth reading.


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