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<< actually do the same kind of genre hopping quite seamlessly, so I know
 what you mean. In fact, people who are used to me as one easily
 identified group often show quite a bit of surprise when they see me in
 one of my other natural guises. >>"

I didnt write that, that was James Rogers.

Anyway, you continue:

    "Now to change the subject swiftly: I have seen various comments you
made about diet and exercise. I believe you were showing interest in life
extension and health improvement. Have you looked at the work of Ronald M.
Klatz, MD with HGH? He is on line and has a book called HGH, I believe. In

addition I saw some ads in MD that implied you could reconstruct his program

for yourself at a much lower cost. I decided to not pursue his program at
this time. The second program that I thought might interest you is the REAL

AGE program. Both of these have pages on line."

My personal opinion, given the lack of credible studies with HGH on healthy
adults, is wait a bit longer and see what develops. I'd rather err on the
side of caution when messing with my hormones, though I'm not opposed to it.

I did do the Real Age test and did quit well. Anybody wanna compare scores?
I think I prety much maxed it out. The only things I'm not doing is driving
a safer car and having airbags in it. I also dont have enough close
friends, according to them. But Dang! when you're an extropian it's kinda
hard to put up with "normal" people ya know? :-)

Heres how I scored

Chronological age: 35.3
"Real" age: 23.6
difference: -11.7 yrs

   " As an old sailor I can't help but pick at a Marine. So let me proceed;

in the 1950s I was in a Navy program in which our entire basic training,
except classroom training, was under the direct control and direction of
Marines. I had a Marine DI, Sargeant Long, just as you did. Can you name
the program? And no, we were not being punished."

Whoa. Thats a leeetle bit before my time. I served from '86-'90. But at
that time Navy ROTC cadets did go through a 6 week "bulldog" course at Brown
Field, OCS, Quantico, VA. as a sort of character builder before embarking
upon a coffe drinking, donut eating life of luxury on some ship or shore
station (Ha! :-))

Yours in Naval Service,

Al Villalobos

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