Re: Cryonics and organ donation

From: Randy Smith (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 22:45:06 MDT

>From: Damien Broderick <>
>Subject: Re: Cryonics and organ donation
>Date: Sat, 08 Apr 2000 13:25:56 +1000
>At 04:16 PM 7/04/00 -0400, Robert B. wrote:
> >If you are going to have *mandated* organ donations, then the estate
> >(or frozen head) of the patient should be compensated for that (since
> >presumably you aren't *really* dead yet) as while you are, "on ice"
> >so to speak, someone has borrowed the use of your organs. When
> >you are reanimated, can you request that they be returned?
>It's hard to estimate timelines for this, but with the rapidly moving work
>on stem cells etc, and the first-draft genome now finished by Celera,
>growing and replacing `borrowed' organs shouldn't be as much trouble as
>rejoining a severed head. It seems to me that the main issue is whether
>gutting a corpse prior to freezing would (1) interfere with preservation
>protocols, and/or (2) require the body to be held for too long at
>temperatures that are merely chilly but not chilly enough for later
>We kinda assume that we're looking for renovation as well as resuscitation
>post mortem, so popping in some self-cloned organs in 20 years shouldn't be
>a problem. And if nanomedicine does its Moore's law thing, all this could
>be moot anyway. And in the Spike happens around the same time as
>cryo-resurrection day, it's more than moot. And... Combinatorial explosion.

Wow. Combinatorial explosion of technophiliac buzzwords, you mean.
Well, anyway, I'm with you: I sure HOPE it happens that way.
But I never was much of a gambling man. "Trust, but verify," and all

Well, anyhoo, words are one thing, and action is another....

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