Re: smart guns from Australia (for Damien and Mike)

From: john grigg (
Date: Fri Apr 07 2000 - 14:30:04 MDT

Michael Lorrey wrote:
Good effort Ziana. They don't mention that if the registered owner isn't
home and his wife gets attacked by a rapist/robber/murderer, she has no hope
of defending herself or the kids. So you buy your wife a gun, fine. Your
kids, who under such circumstances are most likely to not be theobject of
immediate attention, actually have a very good chance of being the ones to
retreive either weapon, neither of which they can use. Smartguns are for
dumb people.

Could a 'supersmart' gun be designed that has two or more people that are
able to use it? Both a husband and wife? That would solve much of the

Of course in a situation where the parents are already dead or incapacitated
and the ten year-old son picks up the gun from the floor after a major
struggle and the criminal is almost on him, there would be a problem. This
would be a rare and worst case scenario.

Mike wrote:
>They don't mention that if the registered owner isn't home and his >wife
>gets attacked by a rapist/robber/murderer, she has no hope of >defending
>herself or the kids.

Damien wrote:
>Mike, you can't imagine how wildly weird this sort of thing sounds >in Oz.
>How pathologically dangerous the society must have become to >permit a
>rational man like yourself to regard such fears as natural >and attitudes
>as righteous.

Damien, you can't imagine how wildly wierd this sort of thing sounds to an
American, especially an Alaskan. There is very real danger here in the U.S.
and it pays to be prepared for it in a rational way. Lives are spared each
year by people who were ready for trouble.
I admit I feel lucky to live in Anchorage which is a fairly safe city and
though I could get a license to carry a concealed weapon I don't feel the
need to.

Mike wrote:
My older brothers' best friend, who was the son of my grandfathers
bestfriend, (the pediatrician who birthed myself and my brothers), was
executed in his parents home at age 14 along with his father and mother by a
biker gang in 1978. He was pretty well trained by his father in use of
firearms, and the only reason he wasn't able to save himself and his parents
that night was because the .45 semiauto he used when the gange broke into
the house misfired on the first round. I was 9 at the time.

I am very sorry for your loss. I have a friend who used to be a farmer in
Idaho. A biker gang gang-raped a fourteen year-old girl from her town and
drove to their nearby headquarters thinking they could get away with it.
The whole town mobilized with the leadership of the sheriff and they
surrounded the biker hangout. A gunfight ensued and thousands of rounds
were fired. No bikers survived the incident. Some bikers may be cool guys,
but these were not and got what they deserved.


John Grigg

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