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Date: Mon Apr 03 2000 - 09:40:47 MDT

From: "Sean Kenny" <>

>I've been an on and off member of this list for about three years.
>I probably spend an hour a day looking at all the posts, and have
>on rare occasion posted myself. I've noticed that regular posters
>will often memorialize the death of someone who deeply influenced
>them, and so in the same spirit Id like to honour my dad, Anthony
>Kenny who died today of heart attack at the age of only 58. My
>dad introduced me to Science Fiction and his favourite author was
>Richard Dawkins and I had been planning to start talking to him
>about Transhumanist ideas this Easter when I saw him again,
>and I know he would have been receptive. So Im just posting this
>so that at least his name appears in the archives of Transhumanist
>material, if nothing else of him is able to live on.

My deepest regrets on your loss.


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