Re: Transhumanist Principles 2.1

T0Morrow (
Mon, 30 Mar 1998 15:27:07 EST


You proposed, as an alternative close to paragraph (7):

> Though most
> transhumanists believe in individual freedom and the free market,
> transhumanism in itself is politically neutral: it does not support
> any particular party, politician or political platform.

That sounds more consistent with the rest of the text, I guess, but I'm still
not sure the claim of political neutrality rings consistent with the rest of
the document. It seems to me that transhumanism, as you describe it, would
necessarily condemn certain political philosophies and acts. I thus think it
wiser to simply say that it does not *support* any particular faction. But
refusal to support does not equal neutrality, so I'd strike that language.

I agree that "Declaration" makes more sense.

Thanks for soliciting our input.