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Fri, 27 Mar 1998 13:21:25 EST

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><< > Well, what do you think of NASA's announcement that they will
> >have an orbit which allows for Cydonia to be imaged?

>I think they'll either fail to get images of the 'face' and then the
>face-fanatics will claim that it's a cover-up, or they'll get images
>which show it's natural and the face-fanatics will claim they're fakes
>or that careful analysis of single pixels shows that they're still

>> What do you
>> think the chances are of it being an artificial structure and why?

Id think the face wasnt real if there wasnt a pyramid, i think pyramids are a
little harder to produce naturally than a face, and the fact that the face is
within walking distance of the pyramid...
not only is there a pyramid, but supposedly there is are also 5 pyramids
arranged in a pentagon, also in cydonia.
when will cydonia be photographed?

here is the original NASA photograph of the face and the pyramid in the same
there are links from there to lots of other places, reports etc...