Re: Cydonia

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Fri, 27 Mar 1998 10:33:06 +0000

This will probably make me sound like more a quack than I already am, but
how many people here have heard Richard Hogland's presentation about this
set of structures?

Not being a scientist, I felt his ideas compelling. Does anyone know who
or what I'm talking about??



If you scroll to the bottom of his site: you can order his video
and/or buy his book which have more details. The video is what I
experienced, but those who read the book said that it was difficult to
turn away from his calculations. wrote:

> wrote:
> > Well, what do you think of NASA's announcement that they will
> >have an orbit which allows for Cydonia to be imaged?
> I think they'll either fail to get images of the 'face' and then the
> face-fanatics will claim that it's a cover-up, or they'll get images
> which show it's natural and the face-fanatics will claim they're fakes
> or that careful analysis of single pixels shows that they're still
> artificial.
> > What do you
> > think the chances are of it being an artificial structure and why?
> At least 10:1 against; there are many face-like rocks on Earth and I'd
> have been very surprised if there wasn't a single one on Mars.
> So I think the 'Mars Face' is just a fantasy... the Io Rubber Chicken
> (, however...
> Mark