Re: Cuba

Eduardo Blasina (
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 20:40:38 -0300

I must admit that the recent post by John Clark is not the one I must have
expected from the extropian list, but sometimes the people who live in the
Empire of the World have such a point of view that is different to
understand for people that doesnīt live in a country that invaded dozens of
countries because they were suposed to have the right to do so.
Cuba does not have the kind of goverment that I like. That is obvious. I
love freedom. But part of freedom is to let cubans have the kind of system
that they want. Mr. John Clark talks of a police state. Who invaded Granada
in the 80ī? and Vietnam in the ī60? and Guatemala in the 50'īs and put all
the worst kind of fascist dictatorship in every country in Latin America?
Who supports the medieval government of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and a long
list of countries organized in a way that are shameful for the humankind.
Maybe all of us live in a police state, but United States police loves
traveling, and if you will talk of trade you should know that your free
market country prohibits to exchange trade with Cuba.
"Castro did not inherit a poor country, in 1959 it had the third highest
standard of living in the western hemisphere, only the USA and Canada were
higher. The fact that for a few days in 1962 Castro brought the human race
closer to the brink of extinction than anytime in the last ten thousand
years does not
increase my admiration of him".
You are supposed to defend the previous goverment, a worst dictatorship than
this, saying that Cuba was the third country by quality of life in 1959.
That is at least inexact. You say "25% of the population,
have abandoned Cuba and the didn't go to the USSR, they went to a
capitalistic country". That is very obvious, they fled because they were
capitalistic people and they are the very rich latins of the United States.
And the last thing is really astonishing. The bad Castro put us all closer
to the brink of extinction? But who threw the atomic bombs? Who has the
nuclear power to destroy us all? United States and its satelite Israel, and
probably Russia.
Itīs not Cuba, nor Granada.
"The sad thing is that you not only oppose a free market in money and goods
but also ideas."
I hope you donīt also accuse me to be opposed to a free market of ideas, but
is your police country that does.
I do know that people in my country that need the best medical help must go
to Cuba, and I know that blocking the economy of a little island is not the
way to fight against a system that I do not agree.
If I love Internet is because it goes beyond any blockade, even if it is
from the brain.
Sorry for my english, my first lenguage is spanish, and sorry for not being
too much polite.