Re: The Soul

Prof. Gomes (
Mon, 16 Mar 1998 19:55:13

At 11:28 18/02/98 -0800, you wrote:
>The Soul
>The complexity of our minds must at all times exceed our understanding
>of our minds. If we understand (and control) our minds fully, then
>our minds have no necessary function. A popular definition of the
>soul is "that which we can never understand, that which makes us what
>we are."

Well... I disagree completely... Why to self-limiting ? The "living being"
comes evoluting, on Earth, since the monocellular, to marine "worms",
fishes, reptiles, {mammalians { monkeys}}, until the actual monocerebrate,
with low vision/audio/smell etc senses, and of course, poor locomotive
capabilities homo "sapiens" ... This hominide, for his turn, has already
created other evolutive capabilities in the world around, like cars,
aeroplanes, computers, nanorobots etc., and since some centuries ago,
begins to perceive that he can add such evolution to his own being... Like
an Icarus well-succeeded... And I am not talking just about hardware, but,
mainly, about software... Our minds are, truly speaking, ridiculously
simple in comparison to its own imagination... or to its
creation/realization capability... There is no real barrier to our infinite
evolution, except ignorance, fear, shiness, wrong traditions, religions and
cultural influences wich we must trash out... (note: do not thash out
fraternity, charity etc... but use more mature kinds of them..) We will
simply have unlimited self-transformative possibilities... The complete
understanding of our whole being, not just the mind, will simply make
possible the complete self-redesign of our own existence on any aspects one
can think, and at any instant one can desire... and of the whole universe...

And...: Do not believe in all the populars say around... Or so you do not
respect those who are in the high top of knowledge creation/development...


(PS: This is poetics !...)