Re: Re: Bill and Hillary
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 18:44:55 EST

In a message dated 98-02-15 14:07:00 EST, Harvey Newstrom part.

<< Anyone who voted for or against Bill Clinton based on his personal sexual
life is severely misunderstanding the purpose of the office of president.
I don't know why some factions want to force the office to be a shining
example of American Normalcy. If you want a moral example, go to your
local religious establishment of your choice. Leave moral and sexual
control out of the Government. >>

I find this an amazing statement. If we leave morality out of

The mind boggles.

Let's see. Other than truthfulness what other moral qualities should we
ignore? Since it is by your statement irrelevant to government?

Admittedly this administration is corrupt, incompetent and inept...but should
it not a least aspire to higher principals?