The problem with Extropian Personals

Philip Witham (
Sun, 15 Feb 1998 14:26:02 -0800

Extropian Personals ad

Currently male transhuman seeking currently female transhuman for joint
exploration of ancient human genetic imperatives. Am willing to change
appearance and sex as needed. Downloaded and multiple parallel personalities
desired, but augmented meat brain would be acceptable. Mere humans need not
reply. Mind blowing sex is a distinct possibility, of course mind can be
replaced if it comes to that. Shall we create new bodies together? Sip tea
while our other selves absorb all of written history together? Prefer first
meeting in low earth orbit, nothing fancy. Please reply soon, am going on an
earth vacation in 14 seconds. Plenty of time to get to integrate each other.


So far, no replies. I'll just have to spawn off another life-process with a
new personality, and maybe he will have better luck.

- PW