Re: The Eye

Anders Sandberg (
25 Jan 1998 13:20:36 +0100

John K Clark <> writes:

> It would seem to me to be a rather large jump from "the human retina has
> about 166 million photocells" to the human retina can produce 166 million
> pixels, much less deliver them to the visual centers of the brain where they
> are all processed. The human eye can not detect individual photons, although
> some species of frogs can.

According to my office-mate Mikael, the acuity of the fovea is
apparently higher than expected just by seeing each receptor cell as a
'pixel', it is smaller than their receptice fields! (I don't know how
it is done).

On the other hand, the number of axons in the visual nerve is around
one million, so the total resolution is somewhat limited even given
the data compression/image processing in the retina.

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