Re: Human Cloning

David A Musick (
Thu, 8 Jan 1998 18:12:50 -0500

Jake Hart was wondering about my signature line, "continual improvement
is the highest good."

The reason I consider continual improvement to be the highest good is
that if a system improves itself continuously, it will keep getting
better and better and better (I consider this higher and higher forms of
good). I believe the process of continual improvement to be the most
valuable process possible. Without the process of improvement, a system
is stuck and limited. I consider an open-ended and unlimited system to
be more valuable than a closed, limited one. But that is only my
subjective value system. Others may prefer a cozy, limited system.

My affirmation of, "continual improvement is the highest good" is a
statement of one of my most cherished beliefs. For me, progress is the
highest priority.

Any more questions?

David Musick (

- Continual improvement is the highest good.