Human Cloning

David A Musick (
Thu, 8 Jan 1998 16:05:55 -0500

Richard L. Rossi asks,

"To any extropian: What would be the legal argument for making the
cloning of humans illegal in the United States?"

I don't believe there can be any legal argument against cloning humans
that is based on current U.S. law. Many, many women clone their children
every year when they produce identical twins. This is not illegal as far
as I know. Nor do these clones have any adverse effect on other people
because they share the same sequence of DNA base pairs.

When people oppose human cloning, they are not thinking rationally; it is
an emotional response. If you have no objection to a single person
having the particular DNA they have, then why should you oppose another
person having the same DNA, or twenty people? It's just none of anyone
else's business whether two or more humans have the same genes.

David Musick (

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