Re: Help with "proof" for non-existence of God

Hara Ra (
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 22:01:54 -0800

John K Clark wrote:

> Suppose God was made up of an infinite number of the old Z80 computer chips
> and, of course, a operating system so they could work together. You could
> assign 10 chips to analyze and predict what one chip could do, if that didn't
> do the job make it a thousand chips or a million, if that still wasn't enough
> assign an infinite number of chips, remember the definition of an infinite
> set is that you can make a one to one correspondence with a proper subset of
> it. Strange things happen in the arithmetic of infinities, each chip without
> exception could have an infinite number of chips packing an infinite amount
> of computing power making predictions about what that one finite chip would
> do, and you would still have an infinite number of chips to do other things,
> like figuring out what would happen next in the universe.
So God is a chip on His shoulder..... :-)

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