Re: help with "proof" for non-existence of God

Johnny Carwash (
Mon, 10 Mar 1997 21:08:34 -0400

At 07:31 pm 3/10/97 -0500, you wrote:
>I am aware that this might be a little off subject but it is one of my
>hobby's to argue with theists. I am aware that I do not have a chance of
>changing their views. Right now my current goal is having someone say,
>"That's a good argument, but I still believe."

God's existence or non existence is a matter of faith. There's no evidence
that will make a very pious individual become an atheist. In any case,
there's nothing about religion that is for or against nanotechnology.
Judaism has always adapted to changes in society, and the Dalai Lama said
the physics would not change for Buddhism, Buddhism would change for
physics. You'll never conclusively prove God doesn't exist, simply because
no one who believes will accept it. Similarily, it's nearly (but less)
impossible to prove that God does exist.
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