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<< I suspect that the situation is a little more complicated than simply
HIV=AIDs. >>

Even Gallo said HIV is not the only cause, nobody has said that after a
little peer review.

I don't even personally recognize Gallo (et all 13 of them) as the "official"
discoverer of HIV (then called HTLV-3) in 1984. I would have given HIV's
discovery to the Pasteur Institute in 1983:
Chermann and Montagnier

It looks to me like Gallo got a clue from the French, saw a good thing (HIV
is one of the causes of AIDS) and quickly "office politics 'ed" the US
government to declare the discovery to Americans before the French beat them
to it.

The U.S. government was duped. Far from "inventing" HIV as Louis Farrakhon
had said (in 1989) to drum up support for government hate via conspiracy
theory (another good money making business, the conspiracy business).

To say HIV is what the "government" says causes AIDS shows how affective
Gallo has been pushing the Pasteur Institute out of the lime light. Unless
you mean the FRENCH government! ;-)

The American Society for Microbiology (ASM) (is not a government group)
writes a lot on HIV as one cause of AIDS. The Manual of Clinical
Microbiology had a lot of good information. I have been a member of ASM
since 1976.


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March 6, 1997
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