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>I reject the theory that HIV causes AIDS on the grounds
>that it violates so many established principles of virology. >>

I don't know of any "violations" yet in print and I have read Peter Duesberg,
Bryan Ellison, and Robert Root-Bernstein. I _did_ like the article they
wrote and that makes me feel more like going against the grain (and being
more creative).

Robert Root-Bernstein actually writes that HIV _might_ cause AIDS in some
cases. he is more open minded, creative and pan-critically rational.

Duesberg and Ellison reject HIV 100%. This is leaving nothing to discuss but
a nice money making lecture and book market for themselves based on stiring
up controversial subjects (not unlike Jerry Riffkin's controversial-lecture

Neither will admit any HIV involvement in AIDS.

For an "END POINT" in the "research futures" I would like to see HIV proven
to be 100% not involved in any way with AIDS infection as a vindication of
the skeptic's claims.

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March 6, 1997
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