Re: PHIL/AI: Humongous Lookup Table

Hara Ra (
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 22:07:59 -0800

Hal Finney wrote:

> For people who have not run into it, the humongous (slang for huge) lookup
> table is a device which should be able to pass the Turing test, while being
> simple enough in design that it is hard to understand how it could be
> conscious. It is often presented as a challenge to the validity of the
> Turing test.
Well, a finite HLT could be made for any Turing Machine with a finite
tape. This moves the question on to the person conducting the Turing
Test, as that person's input is equivalent to some of the TM's tape.
In practical terms, the HLT probably cannot be created for it would have
more entries than particles in the Universe. Same comment to the TM's

Obviously more compact representations are possible (like us)

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