Re: PHILOSOPHY: Perception of Reality? Boundry of self? (Was: Reality)

Hara Ra (
Wed, 12 Feb 1997 21:33:48 -0800

Mark Grant wrote:

> Another demonstration comes from the experiences of psychedelic users, who
> (AFAIR) report that the objects they see are far more likely to move
> around or change into something different than, say, for the perceived
> world to split up into squares and zoom around their field of view as we
> might expect if we were just seeing a pixel image from the retina.
> Changing a pixel-image of a plant-pot into a pixel-image of an elephant
> would be hard work, but simply changing the object description in our data
> structure from 'plant-pot' to 'elephant' or changing the coordinates in
> space is easy.
A good example of noise at the object level instead of at the pixel

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