Re: Gender issues (was HUMOR: Anti-cryonics philosophy)

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On Jan 24, 4:02pm, "Michael Butler" wrote:

} Because, for one, the words politically correct, at first, were not a jab, a
} joke or a poke at people who are trying to whine about their condition, or

} Well, historically, "politically-correct" was, as best I can recall,
} a phrase used by Marxist(-Leninist?)(-Maoist?) theory hacks to
} dissect or deconstruct utterances (you name it, movies, PhD theses,

What I've always heard is that "politically correct" started as a joke
among leftists who could take themselves not so seriously, about
themselves, or about other leftists who didn't have as much humor.
Then either the latter leftists took the phrase seriously and started
using it or someone on the right thought the laughing leftists were
using it as serious condemnation and things took off from there.

Let the rumors breed.

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