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} Again, you are taking the stance (irrational, IMO) that our emotions are "out
} to get us", rather than acknowledging them as valuable and neccessary
} cognitive function of our beautifully engineered ( if little understood)

Irrational? Most of the standard set of emotions are out to help me and
*make* me reproduce my genes, an astonishingly low priority goal to me
right now. I have discovered this fact through reason, although what my
goals actually are is emotionally informed. Those emotions use reason
as a tool against jealousy, et al. because the latter emotions _are_ "out
to get" the privileged set.

The post you replied to said someone has to be the last guard out the
gate. Emotions are in line, they're just not the rearguard. If he
wanted to get rid of them entirely they'd still be stuck in the burning

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