Re: NEURO: Musical drugs
Sat, 4 Jan 1997 14:28:27 -0500

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Hmm, an interesting idea: is it possible to develop nootropic drugs that
influence musical ability? OK, so far we don't have any nootropics that
have unequivocal effects on cognition other than alertness level and
memory, but it would not appear impossible to create much more specific
drugs in the future that bind only to a few cytoarchitectonical areas,
perhaps even on just one hemisphere. In that case, it might be possible
to enhance at least some aspects of musical perception. >>

Anders, do you know anything about the neurochemical effect of sound waves (
ie music)? In short, why exactly music may effect us in such an emotional

The surest way to bring a tear to my eye is to listen to certain poignant

In your studies of Neurobiology, have you addressed this "pathway" into the
psyche boilogically? Is this sound/harmony response in the brain linked to
the chemical systems?? Sure seems so to this lay- person/.artist.. it is
almost as powerful as love or pain.