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Being a visual person I have always seen pictures when I listen to music,
abstract images moving and changing according to the flow (Scriabin is a
golden glow, Jarre's "Revolution" as a mushroom shape in a neon swamp, the
chorus of Beethoven's ninth symphony as a scaly golden fractal dragon
coiling in a great helix); this seems to be somewhat akin to synesthesia,
but not exactly the real thing.
Interesting stuff, Anders, and thank you for your fascinating and detailed
reply. As a visual and musical artist who's Ai obsession grows daily, wonder
about these things a lot and how it will actually be that "uploaded"
consciousness will approximate such sensory stimulus and music, smell etc.
I seek to understand in order to build theses worlds when the time comes.

The most interesting part of all this is this link between the senses and,
not understanding the brain as i could ( and asa I will, someday) i tend to
make intiutive ( and probably wrong) leaps. But this visual/aural link is so
common (Mozart looks like meticulous mosaics, bach like architecture etc) _
that it seems to me MUST be linked to patern recognition in cognition. Have
you ever heard of any A.I. experiments being done with learning pattern
recognition based on musical notation, linking it tosound waves and harmony (
meaning)? Any computers working overtime to develope that kind of pattern
reconition ( aural - or wave based?)

Some how these areas seem key.