Re: Some good news (about genetics backlash)

From: zeb haradon (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 19:41:46 MST

I contacted New Scientist about this and was provided with contact
information, in case anyone is interested in making money contributions to
them or getting in touch with them. The best website seems to be Here is the info I was sent:

The contact addresses are:

Patrick Terry
PXE International
23 Mountain Street
MA 02067
phone: 001 781 784 3817/fax 6672

Mary Davidson
Genetic Alliance
4301 Connecticut Avenue, NW, #404
Washington DC 20008-2304
Tel: 001 202 966 5557 x204/fax 8553

Alastair Kent
Genetic Interest Group
Unit 4d
Leroy House
436 Essex Road
N1 3QP
Tel: 0207 704 3141/fax 359 1447

>From: J Corbally <>
>Subject: Some good news
>Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2001 01:44:12 +0000
>Finally, a breath of fresh air. Maybe this'll be the kind of thing that'll
>steamroll the luddite danger.
> >
>People with inherited diseases are preparing a global challenge to
>pro-lifers, bio-Luddites and animal rights activists to defend the future
>of medical research
> >
>If anything stands a chance of getting some serious progress, it may very
>well be groups such as these.

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