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From: Jeff Davis (
Date: Tue Feb 27 2001 - 19:51:46 MST

Chris Russo <> writes:

>The Miami Herald's latest article on the subject:
>Basically, even if Gore had received all of the recounts for which he had
>petitioned, he still wouldn't have won.

Right you are.

"...for which he had petitioned,....". Ay, there's the rub.

The Herald article in question talks about the results of the recount
totals in those several populous and Democrat-dominated counties selected
and requested by the Gore folks to be manually recounted. Had the manual
recounts been completed, and restricted to those counties, then it does
appear that Bush would have retained his lead.

However,...examinations of the ballots in the other 60-some
counties--Republican dominated--shows substantially more uncounted Gore
votes than Bush votes; more than enough to throw the election to Gore. At
least that's what the ongoing news-media-sponsored 'investigation and
recount' shows so far.

Finally, recall that the Florida Supreme Court's final order required a
recount of the votes in ALL of Florida's 67 counties.

So the current state of affairs is:

Gore in the lead, Bush in the White House.

Reality. What a concept.

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