RE: The Coming Internet Depression

From: scerir (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 15:08:17 MST

Barbara Lamar wrote:
An economy going into a phase of inflationary depression is especially
tricky. Ordinarily, one would want to be ready to take advantage of bargains
that arise as stock prices fall to more realistic values, but when one
can't rely on maintaining a strong cash position this is a problem.
In the past, converting a significant % of one's cash to precious metals has
worked. Any thoughts out there on what might work this time around if the
economy heads south?

Bonds, and floating rate bonds.

But the data-base below are _very_ interesting.

You can see that the average total annual returns for:

- large growth funds is 13.89 per cent at 5 years
- large value funds is 11.98 per cent at 5 years
- tech funds is 17.93 per cent at 5 years

- large growth funds is 16.60 per cent at 10 years
- large value funds is 14.62 per cent at 10 years
- tech funds is 26.56 per cent at 10 years.

For stocks sectors see:

So: buy for the long run.


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