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From: Harvey Newstrom (
Date: Mon Feb 26 2001 - 14:44:37 MST

At 12:03pm -0600 2/26/01, Chris Russo wrote:
>At 23:51 -0500 2/22/01, Harvey Newstrom wrote:
>>Although we may be sick of this topic, the controversy is not over.
>>I believe that history will record that Bush was legally installed
>>after Gore won the election because the counting mechanism was in
>The Miami Herald's latest article on the subject:

You have to read these recount reports carefully. This is not the
Miami-Dade county recount results. This particular article only
looked at the 10,644 ballots that were undervoted in Miami-Dada
country. They wanted to find out if the specific disruption caused
by GOP staff members flying to Miami to start a riot could have had
an effect on the election. They determined that this particular
subset of the recount would not have disrupted the entire election.

This sample is too small, too localized, and too specific to one type
of ballot to predict the results of a county-wide recount or a
state-wide recount. I think such predictions are merely guesses
until we actually count all six million Florida votes.

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